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Allan’s Pool Shop COVID-19 UPDATE

March 19, 2020

And.Allan’s Pool Shop has a COVID-19 UPDATE

Please click here to read Allan’s Pool Shop COVID-19 UPDATE as a PDF

Dear Customers,

As the COVID-19 outbreak increases, we will be reviewing the way we currently conduct business and implement new practices in response to recommendations from Health and Government Authorities to protect all staff and customers. The health of our clients and the people who work for us is our top priority. Below, Allan’s Pool Shop would like to outline the measures we will be taking to protect our staff and clients and make sure that we can continue to run smoothly while providing great quality and timely services to all.

  • As of 23 March 2020 – MONDAY, we will be implementing a split shift system for all our office staff. This system will allow one administration and one service department staff member to work onsite in an isolated office space while the other works remotely from home. The staff member that is onsite will have restricted area access and will be the only person in the office at any given time. In doing this, we are limiting the contact and interaction between our staff members while also still enabling an effective workplace.
  • We will also be isolating the separate parts of Allan’s Pool Shop’s retail sector including the warehouse and workshop. Our workshop electrician will only have access to his repair workspace and the space that the pool equipment is dropped off for inspection/assessment. Warehouse store man is not entering the front of the shop unless completely necessary and will be the only person permitted in the warehouse. Shop staff are currently being encouraged to keep a distance of at least 2-3m between them and are also only permitted in the shop area.


Staff Movements

All staff departments have contact with each other via phone and email and will be able to continue consistent quality service to our customers using these methods of communication with minimal physical contact.

  • Thankfully, none of our staff have left the country for any period. Allans Pool Shop Management have decided any staff traveling domestically during the coming months will be required to take an additional 14 days off to self-isolate. At this stage none of our staff have any plans to travel outside of Australia and Allan’s Pool Shop management is highly discouraging it.
  • We will be splitting our service department (pool cleaners) in half and only allow 50% of cleaners to stock up at our Anderson St store, the other 50% will be loading up from our Edmonton shop. This is another measure of keeping distance between colleagues as to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. All service department enquiries can continue to come to the Anderson St office.


Allan’s would also like to advise that we have received the below emails from

  • SPASA – Swimming Pool and Spa Association and CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Australia For further information please visit:
  • Our network provider regarding potential disturbances to our phone lines.

We would like to highlight the following issues so that our customers have a better understanding of what might affect them directly.

  • 16/3/2020 NSW/VIC we noticed an impact with VOIP services being degraded, this is due to upstream carriers’ networks not being able to cope with increased demands of phone traffic.

We would expect that the NBN and internet in Australia as a whole will potentially struggle to meet demands once more people work from home, along with/if schools decide to close. There will likely be congestion which will lead to poor network performance, slow speeds and dropouts.

Unfortunately, NTQ have no control over this. We would like to provide the below alternative contact information if you are having trouble contacting the shop.


Any service-related enquiries including Regular Pool Maintenance. Booking in service work, quotes for equipment/grab rails or onsite work. Issues with ongoing jobs or issues with charges on invoices for onsite work.

Please email: service@allanspoolshop.com.au


Any account related queries including overdue invoices. Queries regarding previous payments made to your account. Receipts, copies of invoices/statements or issues with payment. Also, any spare parts information or pricing.

Please email: admin@allanspoolshop.com.au


Any workshop related questions including, quotes on equipment repairs brought in through the shop. Additional information on workshop findings or technical questions regarding pumps, chlorinators and robotic pool cleaners.

Please email: workshop@allanspoolshop.com.au

From our customers

We ask that you assist with preventing the spread of Covid-19 by:

  • Keeping a distance of at least 2 meters from our staff within the shop, where feasible, and limiting physical contact.
  • If you are onsite during a pool service, please try to stay inside your home. If you need to speak to a cleaner or tech implement the same 2-meter rule as above.
  • Please try and limit interaction with service staff to phone calls and messages where possible.
  • Practice safe hygiene – wash hands etc. Potential Mandatory Isolation forced by government

We strongly recommend our customers stock enough pool cleaning chemicals to last up to 14 days (acid, chlorine etc.). The pools may play a major factor in entertaining your family in the case of mandatory isolation. We will have limited staff onsite. There may be minor delays in contacting staff who are working from home etc.

We would like to reiterate that Allan’s Pool Shop is open for business. You can still phone us on 4051 9344.

Well wishes to everyone! Kind Regards, Management, Allan’s Pool Shop Manunda & Edmonton Stores.

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