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Have your own pool in a matter of days

November 14, 2019

Having your own swimming pool is one of life’s great pleasures, especially here in Cairns and Far North Queensland during our steamy summers. And while the expense of installing a pool deters many people from owning one, there is an inexpensive and easy way to have your own pool this summer – install an above-ground pool.

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Allans Pool Shop Salt

Pool Perfection

October 18, 2019

Do you recognise the signs of electrical faults on your pool equipment or the beginning of staining on the surfaces of the pool? It’s important that pool owners ensure they have healthy water and look at the longevity of their pool, but most of us don’t.

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Getting your pool ready for summer

September 5, 2019

Summer is just around the corner, so there’s no time like the present to get your pool ready for sweet summer fun.

As most of us don’t dare venture into our pools during the chilly months, our pools can become a bit neglected. So, time for a pool health check-up before the splashing begins.

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reducing your pools electricity costs

Reducing your pool electricity costs

July 11, 2019

Who doesn’t love saving money, especially on home maintenance that has to be done on a regular basis? While some believe operating a swimming pool is expensive, it actually doesn’t have to be.

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Pool Handrails for safety and aesthetics

June 12, 2019

Swimming pools should be easy to access for all ages and abilities. Having pool handrails eliminates obstacles and enhances pool safety and aesthetics.

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pool equipment check

Pool Equipment Inspections Cairns

June 8, 2018

Equipment that is faulty or not working efficiently can increase risks of breakdowns and add unnecessary expense to your power bills.

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best pool cleaning service

How to pick the best pool cleaning service

May 11, 2018

Choosing a reputable pool cleaning service is paramount to maintaining the value, performance and enjoyment of your pool.

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FAQs from FNQ pool and spa owners

April 24, 2018

Pool owners in the tropics of Far North Queensland have the benefit of great weather nearly all year round … see some of the FAQs from our local pool owners and don’t forget – we are here to help.

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Season Pool Health Checks

March 1, 2018

A seasonal pool health check can stop your pool going green during the wet season, and maintain healthy water quality.

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Green is good for gardens, but not your pool

January 19, 2018

Pool maintenance in Cairns during the wet season is imperative to maintain a healthy swimming environment.

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When it comes to cleaning a pool, use a robot pool cleaner

December 15, 2017

When it comes to cleaning your pool, robot cleaners have become more efficient, more cost effective at keeping swimming pool water healthy.

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Eco energy saving pool pumps – why upgrade?

December 1, 2017

Today’s pool pumps are engineered to be efficient and the Noria ECO Variable Speed pumps are in a prestigious class of their own.

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