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Eco energy saving pool pumps – why upgrade?

December 1, 2017

When you hear terms like ‘intelligent design’ or ‘optimum energy efficiency’ or ‘precise workmanship’ the image that pops into your head could be a prestigious car marque like a Volvo, an Audi or even a Benz. Would you automatically conjure up an image of a swimming pool pump? No!

Today’s pool pumps are engineered to be efficient and the Noria ECO Variable Speed pumps are in a prestigious class of their own. Innovative design means lower running costs (by use of variable speeds), reduced noise levels and a tough, sturdy construction.

A pool pump has the job of running the circulation system for your pool, it pulls water through the skimmer, down the drain, pushes tens of thousands of litres of water through a filter and pumps it back into the pool [removing lots of gunk] leaving you with a clean swimming pool. That’s a very simplistic description but you get the idea.

The quality of the water in the pool is everything. Great landscaping, fabulous tile selection, beautiful shape and dimensions are all superfluous if pool water quality is not healthy.

Running and maintaining a swimming pool can be expensive – and obviously well worth it when you live in the tropics like we do – so a pool pump is mandatory if you want to have a healthy pool that you can used all year round.

Swimming pools don’t filter themselves and a quality pool pump from Noria ECO range is an investment that can slash energy consumption. Quality performance:

  • 3 variable speed modes (ESP, Normal & Boost) give precise performance on demand
  • Noria ECO pumps are built to last – durable construction with stainless steel shafts
  • uses large hair and lint pot so you don’t have to clean so often
  • efficient water flow by wide channel corrosion-proof impeller
  • designed to give optimum energy efficiency and power
  • state-of-the-art axial-flux brushless DC motor
  • reduced noise levels

If you’re ready for a pool pump upgrade and ready to start reducing electricity running costs for your swimming pool, it’s time you looked at a Noria ECO variable speed pump. Call now for a demonostration 07 4055 4999

Read our Pool Owner Guide to Regular Maintenance for more information on regular cleaning to keep your pool healthy all year round.

Here’s some statistics:


When the motor’s [variable] speed is reduced the energy savings can be as much as 80% of existing running costs*.

Typical annual running cost comparison:

1.5HP $1,026 pa.   1.0HP $676 pa   ECO $119.00

Do you want to reduce the running costs of your swimming pool this summer? Speak to the team at Allan’s Pool Shop – two locations in Manunda and Edmonton 07 4055 4999.

*Savings based on electricity cost of 25.378 inc GST/kW (Energex 2012/13) running 8 hours per day. Savings are estimates only and will vary depending on local electricity rates, pump usage, hydraulics and environmental/installation factors. Information provided for comparison purposes.