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Green is good for gardens, but not your pool

January 19, 2018

Could it be the wet season has finally arrived in beautiful FNQ? Our tropical climate, and particularly the wet season, adds a layer of lushness and green colour tones that we all enjoy. Almost overnight our gardens go from surviving to thriving. They flourish from the uptake of healthy plant nutrients that, literally, get poured down from the skies in rainfall.

Pool maintenance in Cairns during the wet season is imperative to maintain a healthy swimming environment. Just because it rains doesn’t mean it’s not hot right!

Whilst you might consider rain as a kind of “free” top up for your pool, those same nutrients that make your garden lush, can add a layer of complexity to your wet season pool maintenance.

Extended periods of heavy rainfall in your pool can adversely affect the chemical balances, so keeping a vigilant eye on the pool PH level is vital. A minimum of a weekly check is required.

And here are other tips on keeping your pool in tip top condition

  • Check your swimming pool water quality:
    A change in PH levels can provide an ideal environment for pool algae to grow. routine pool chlorination kills harmful microorganisms that can cause health related problems.
    Bring in your water for testing, or one of our service team can come to you.
  • Pool should be filtered daily to insure the removal of dirt and debris, it will also ensure you are getting appropriate water circulation.
    Is your filtration system working well?

We can check for efficiencies and recommend solutions

  • Use a flocculant to remove debris and fine particles.
    Range of flocculants available in our stores.
  • A weekly pool shock may be required.
    Pool shock treatments available in our stores.
  • Use a pool cover to reduce rain water entering the pool.
  • Engage a regular pool service maintenance protocols from just $40 a week. More details here.

For more information call our Manunda store today to discuss your pool if you think it is going green. See our Pool and Spa Chemicals page for added product information.