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Pool Equipment Inspections Cairns

June 8, 2018

Regular pool equipment inspections by a qualified and professional pool technician are essential in Cairns, and Far North Queensland. Pool equipment checks can alert you to any potential problems and therefore, allow you to ensure pool and spa safety at all times.

We have discussed the importance of having your swimming pool water quality checked on a regular basis. Pool water hygiene is imperative for a healthy swimming pool (or spa), environment and year long swimming enjoyment.

Pool Equipment Inspections

For residential and commercial pools and spas we will inspect your pool equipment. Pumps, hoses, pipes and chlorinators are generally the first to fail. Therefore, if any suspect parts are in need of repairs we can provide a repair or replacement parts from our workshop. Same day repairs are possible too sometimes!

Our fully qualified and trained technicians will carry out a full inspection and discuss any concerns they may encounter. Because regular pool equipment servicing will ensure you maximise the efficiency of your equipment and safety.

Allan’s Pool Shop will check your pool equipment for:

  • General wear and tear on equipment and parts – does anything need repairing or replacing.
  • Hoses and fittings are all secure and in good working order, there are no leaks.
  • Filters are clean and functioning efficiently.
  • Chlorinators are working efficiently.
  • Automatic pool cleaners (suction and robotic pool cleaners) are cleaning all areas of the pool

We will provide a full written report and recommend any repairs or maintenance issues we may find.

Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection – Buying a home with a swimming pool or spa?

We can offer a pre-purchase pool inspection which will check that your pool is compliant and therefore meets all Queensland Building and Construction Commission guidelines. This inspection will:

  • identify staining, cracking, calcium deposits or osmosis;
  • pool safety features are installed, ie CPR signs;
  • pool equipment is in good working order, including lights;
  • check deck lids, weir doors, filter baskets and main drain covers;
  • there is proper storage of pool chemicals;
  • there are no apparent leaks;
  • water chemistry.

A full inspection report will be provided along with any recommendations if any pool equipment is due for replacement. Because there can be a significant cost for buyers who aren’t aware that some of their pool equipment is old and in need of replacement to bring the pool up to a quality operating standing.

We will highlight any non-compliant issues found and recommend compliance fixes, and most importantly recommend any obvious repairs.

Check out all the pool and spa services and equipment servicing and repairs we can provide here. Our technicians are qualified, experienced and have full Police Checks and Blue Card Certifications.

For more information on the requirements of pool and spa safety, visit the Queensland Government website by clicking here.