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Are Pools Safe during COVID-19?

April 30, 2020

It’s an interestingly fortunate spot many of us find ourselves in. With the new restrictions in place surrounding isolating and staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, pool and spa owners are quietly high-fiving their decisions to have these facilities available to them. But the question they’re now asking, especially after public areas have temporarily closed, is ‘are pools safe?’.

The good news is that no evidence exists which proves Coronavirus can be spread to humans through the use of pools and spas. Information supplied from Queensland Health confirms that “COVID-19 is very unlikely to be transmitted through swimming pool water where adequate chlorine levels are maintained.” However, ensuring pools are correctly maintained is now more important than ever. 

At any stage, being alert to the importance of a clean swimming pool with appropriately treated water using chlorine at the correct and tested levels is necessary. In these times in particular, correct chemical levels are reported to provide adequate disinfection to neutralise the COVID-19 virus, so it’s now even more important to have those levels checked. Always remember that pool chemicals are not suitable for general household and cleaning use outside the pool and combining chemicals with other ingredients could have catastrophic consequences, so rather than risking additional dangers, let us do  it for you – Allan’s Pool Shop offer contactless pool maintenance.

We have put together a couple of FAQs to help you out during the times of COVID-19, so you can enjoy self-isolating in the water!

Is my pool safe to swim in?

Your pool is safe to swim in if it is correctly balanced. Queensland Health confirms that “COVID-19 is very unlikely to be transmitted through swimming pool water where adequate chlorine levels are maintained.

Do you offer contact-free pool servicing?

Absolutely. We have always offered contact-free servicing for your pool, but worth reiterating now. Allan’s Pool Shops remain committed to creating healthy, safe and fun pool-side memories for families and friends. We can help maintain your pool and spa while ensuring the health of your family. With a contact-free test and treatment service for your pool to ensure it stays healthy and clear.

Do Allan’s Pool Shop pool cleaners and technicians work contactless?

Yes.  They do not have contact with any other employees in the company.   They receive their daily work schedule via our electronic scheduling system liqua and they load their daily chemicals in the morning while there is no one in the store.

Are your pool shops still open?

Absolutely. Our retail locations are currently open. We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and following official guidelines.

Why is it important to test my pool water?

It’s important to test your pool water to determine if your pool has the correct chlorine and pH levels. By testing your water, you can determine what your pool needs to keep it balanced and healthy.

Does chlorine kill viruses in pool water?

Chlorine kills germs in pools-but it takes time to work. As pH goes up, the ability of free chlorine to kill germs decreases. As pH goes down, the ability of free chlorine to kill germs increases. However at the expense of your pool equipment, which is more likely to corrode, requiring expensive repairs. You need to keep your pool’s pH within an optimal range. Best balances killing germs, the lifespan of the pool equipment and swimmers’ comfort.

Remember, swimming is good for your body and mind too, so don’t stop swimming at home safely!

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