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Pool Handrails for safety and aesthetics

June 12, 2019

Swimming pools should be easy to access for all ages and abilities. Young children, the elderly, or those with special needs may find it difficult getting in and out of a pool. Having pool handrails eliminates the obstacle and, at the same time, enhances pool safety and aesthetics.

Let’s face it – pools are all about fun. Sure, they keep us cool and refreshed, they also  increase the value of our property. One of the greatest pleasures of having a pool is enjoying family time together. (Especially during the summer months here in Cairns and Far North Queensland).

While handrails are mandatory for commercial properties such as hotels, resorts and fitness centers, they aren’t for home swimming pools. They are however easy to install and advantageous in increasing pool fun and safety.

While handrails are ideal for safety, they’re also aesthetically pleasing and can increase the value of your home.

The specialists at Allan’s Pool Shop are experts in pool handrails and all types of pool supplies and equipment. The combined knowledge of its 22 staff members, some of who have been with the business for 30 years, is over 120 years and is invaluable to all swimming pool owners.

The long-standing business supplies and installs a huge variety of handrails from SR Smith, one of the largest pool equipment businesses in Australia. Our handrails are stronger than normal residential pools (the average is just 1.2ml). Allan’s Pool Shop however supplies 316 marine-grade stainless steel with wall thicknesses of 1.6ml. Available in all sizes – from 300mm to over 1000mm – they can also be custom made to suit any pool!

Allan’s Pool Shop handrails come in a large variety of shapes and sizes – custom made to suit any size pool.

Even better is the fact they will last the life of the pool if maintained properly. And maintaining them is actually very simple. All that’s required is washing the pool handrails in warm soapy water regularly to make sure no tea staining occurs. Tea staining is surface discolouration of stainless steel and if left for too long it could lead to corrosion, so it’s wise to remove it as soon as possible once it appears.

Of course, keeping your pool maintained and ensuring the chemical balance is correct is also important for the longevity of the rails as well as for the life of your pool.

As swimming pool handrails are a huge benefit to pool owners and for all who use the pool, it’s good to know elderly people and those with a disability are able to get funding assistance through the National Disability Incentive Scheme, and Blue Care also offers certain discounts.

Allan’s Pool Shop, which has branches in Manunda and Edmonton, also supply and install handrails anywhere in your home, so it’s definitely worth talking to their experts to get more information so your whole family will get enjoyment out of your pool.  Contact Us Now!