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Reducing your pool’s electricity costs

July 11, 2019

Who doesn’t love saving money, especially on home maintenance that has to be done on a regular basis? While some believe operating a swimming pool is expensive, it actually doesn’t have to be.

One of the best ways to save money on your pool’s operating costs – up to hundreds of dollars a year in electricity expenses – is to fit your pool with a variable speed ECO pool pump.

There are basically two types of pumps in the pool industry – the single-speed pump and the variable speed ECO pump. Using an automobile as an analogy, the single speed pumps would be the equivalent of an older model gas-guzzling car, whereas the variable speed swimming pool pumps are like modern-day fuel-efficient cars.

Traditionally, a single speed pump uses a lot of energy. It only knows one speed whereas the speed on a modern energy-saving pump can be adjusted to your suit your running times.

Like newer cars, the eco pumps have been designed with today’s top-of-the-line technology.

Allan’s Pool Shop’s Hayward Maxflo variable speed pumps, which are sturdy German-engineered swimming pool pumps, use state-of-the-art materials and high-quality workmanship, rigid construction and super-tough resins to ensure their long-lasting durability. Their three variable speed modes are designed to give optimum energy efficiency and power by allowing the pool owner to select the most efficient speed for filtration, vacuuming and backwashing, allowing them to set specific speeds for different times such as during off-peak electricity periods (usually at night) which further reduces power costs

These swimming pool pumps are built with stainless steel shafts, wide-channel corrosion-proof impellers and axial-flux brushless DC motor. Another advantage of these energy-efficient pumps is the quietness when you set them on a low speed.

It’s understandable that these high-tech pumps cost a bit more than the single-use pumps considering the modern technology and building materials used, but the truth is these pumps pay for themselves within two years and end up saving pool owners thousands of dollars over the years.

Whether you are building a new pool or want to replace the pool pump in your existing pool, the technicians at Allan’s Pool Shop are the experts to turn to. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them, can explain all the benefits and the specs of these efficient pumps and can install them easily and efficiently.

Now that the cooler weather is upon us and it is off-season for pool use, it’s the perfect time to talk to one of Allan’s Pool Shops specialists and find out how you can save on your pool’s electricity bills by installing a new ECO pump.