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Robotic Pool Cleaners

July 22, 2020

What saves you money on your electricity bill, makes you feel good amount environmental efficiency, and keeps your pool looking pristine all year round? Read on…


There are many upsides to having a swimming pool – cooling off on balmy days, summertime water play and lounging with poolside cocktails (as if we ever needed an excuse). However, one must take the good times with the arduous, and cleaning the pool certainly falls firmly on the ‘do I really have to’ list. Enter, robotic pool cleaners. More than just mechanical bottom-feeders, robotic pool cleaners take much of the work out of pool maintenance, ultimately giving you more precious time to spend in the swimming pool rather than on it


Robotic pool cleaners were created solely for the purpose of freeing up time, however they also come with some very practical bonus reasons. Check out our top five incentives why you might consider the benefits of getting one for your pool.


  1. They’re Environmentally Friendly

One of the best things about a robotic pool cleaner is that they are all eco-friendly – they require no chemicals that could potentially harm swimmers or mess with chemical balancing, it’s run underwater so produces no excess heat or harmful by-products. They also keep the water circulating, which, as we know, is a very good thing especially here in the tropics.


  1. They’re Energy Efficient

Contrary to common belief, robotic cleaners do not need to use a lot of power to work efficiently. Suction cleaners such as Kreepy Krawly or Baracuda require a high water flow rate to operate, and are connected to the central pool pump to operate running through decent amounts of power. Robotic pool cleaners run off suction and are independent of the pump, so can run at any time. At 12V, robotic cleaners consume energy only as much as a regular light bulb. So as a result to saving energy, they also saving cash. Winning.


  1. They’re Money Savers

As house owners, we all know that there is a strong correlation between high energy consumed by a product to the high electric bill we receive each month. As discussed above, not only do robotic pool cleaners use far less energy than many imagine thus saving cash, but time saved is money saved. For example, if you were to hire a pool cleaning professional to clean your pool once a month, the lifetime outlay would far exceed the cost of a robotic pool cleaner – in fact, most robotic pool cleaners would be cost neutral after 2 – 3 years.


  1. Maintains Safe Pool Chemicals

Chlorine is a common chemical used to disinfect pool from algae and bacteria, however can become unsafe when the balance is proportionally higher than the pool water. Robotic pool cleaners use advanced brushing technology that scrubs all sides and edges of your pool wall effectively, cleaning away pool pollutants such as dust, algae, and bacteria. This means that there is no need to use high amount of chemicals to clean the water just to get rid of the nasty dirt and eliminating blackspot. By using the scubbing and suction alongside water circulation, robotic cleaners can ultimately lessen the use of chemicals which may potentially be hazardous to users.


  1. Water Saver

All pools have their own main filtration system or a circulation pump and filter. The system comprises meters of pipes bending around the pool with a pumping engine and filter at the end of it. Particles of dirt get sucked through the tubes and end up in the pool filter where it stays until backwashing is performed. The more the filtration system gets clogged up, the more backwashing and rinsing needs to be done. This process wastes large amount of water every time. With a robotic pool cleaner, the debris is removed independently from the circulation pump, preventing the main filter from getting clogged up, resulting in less backwashing and less water wasted.


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