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Top 10 reasons to have a swimming pool cover

September 13, 2018

Think of a swimming pool cover as a blanket for your pool. And yes, even in the ideal climate we experience in the tropical north of Queensland, your swimming pool should have a blanket.

A professionally fitted, quality swimming pool cover has many benefits for pool owners in Far North Queensland. If you’ve never considered a swimming pool cover, maybe it’s time to have a good think about it and discuss your needs with our team.

Swimming pool covers reduce heat loss and chemical evaporation, thus reducing chemical demand. They also reduce water evaporation, and even reduce the workload of your swimming pool equipment. During the wet season and storms we experience here in the Tropics of Queensland, a swimming pool cover will help keep debris, leaf litter and dirt out of the water. And don’t forget it’s always important to test your water quality regularly.

Top 10 reasons to have a swimming pool cover in Cairns:

  1. Reduces pool water evaporation – by up to 98%.
  2. Reduces chemical evaporation – thus reducing your chemical usage – by up to 70%.
  3. Keep out leaf litter, dirt and debris – improves effectiveness of pool cleaning and equipment.
  4. Reduces effect of sunlight, thereby reducing growth of algae.
  5. Ideal storm cover protection – reduce workload cleaning up debris in pool.
  6. Conserves swimming pool heat which can significantly reduce heating bills if you use a pool heater.
  7. Reduces work load on filters and skimmers by removing dirt and debris.
  8. Cut down on energy costs – pool equipment doesn’t have to work as hard.
  9. Extends your swimming season.
  10. Reduce overall swimming pool maintenance costs.

Types of pool covers:

  1. Solar floating bubble style pool covers – most economical, usually cut/trimmed to fit shape of the pool.
  2. Automated pool covers – commonly made from interlocking slats, can be expensive but they can make pool care easier.
  3. Thermal swimming pool covers – made from insulating foam material can be made to fit just about any pool shape.

Pool cover selection:

When selecting which pool cover is right for you consider:

  1. Budget – even the covers at the lower end of the price range can be better than no cover at all, they will produce some efficiencies.
  2. Installation – all covers should be professionally fitted and installed. If fitting a swimming pool cover is not done correctly you can waste all the benefits a cover can provide.
  3. Pool area – what the most important job you want the swimming pool cover to do? Protect pool from lots of leaf litter; help keep the heat in.
  4. Location – is your pool located near trees so you’re continually netting out leaf litter.

Covering your swimming pool when it’s not in use or covering it just to keep the leaf litter out, can be a very effective way of reducing maintenance costs. Most pool covers are manufactured with UV stabilising materials, come in various colours and sizes and can be made to order.

Speak to our team of technicians today about the best pool cover for your swimming pool.

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