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Wet Season Pool Maintenance

January 29, 2018

With the tropical Wet Season upon us it’s important to consider changing your regular maintenance service from monthly to fortnightly.

Over the years we have found it almost impossible to maintain good chemical balance in tropical swimming pools during hot, rainy weather – our wet season in FNQ – when only servicing it once per month. If this is the only attention your pool gets you can expect it to go green at least once every year, usually more. Summer weather can cause increased stress to the pool due to:

  1. Increased bather load.
  2. Rainy weather washing airborne dust, pollens and spores into the pool
  3. Rainwater overflowing the pool causing dilution and chemical loss.
  4. Extra leaves and garden debris due to summer growth cause filters and baskets to block up.
  5. Warmer water temperatures reducing the efficiency of water sanitisers.
  6. Warmer water temperatures increasing microbe activity.

Extra attention is needed in order to keep your pool safe and healthy. It is essential to maintain proper water chemistry in accordance with Queensland Public Health standards. Failure to maintain appropriate water balance will increase:

  1. Risk of sickness
  2. Risk of Algae
  3. Risk of damaging filtration equipment resulting in expensive repairs
  4. Risk of voiding equipment warranties – especially with salt levels for chlorinators
  5. Chemical and electricity running costs
  6. Wear and tear on equipment.

If you don’t already have a regular pool service maintenance rostered with us, give the team a call today.