How to choose the right
pool cleaner?

Are you having problems with your pool cleaner getting stuck, clogged with leaves, or not cleaning your pool to a high enough standard?

Pool Return Cleaners

Operate similar to a Pressure Pool Cleaner, but they connect to the pool returns and use its filtration pump rather than a separate booster pump.

Robotic Pool Cleaners 

They are becoming more popular and operate independently from the pool equipment and plugs into a transformer which is plugged into a power point. The robot has its own motor and is driven around the pool, collecting leaves in a bag within the pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners do not stay in the pool, which can improve the aesthetics of the pool but can be more work to be put in and removed when cleaning is needed.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction cleaners operate by connecting to the pool skimmer box, and when the pool pump turns on, the cleaner starts. They are the best value for money and are often the starting point for many pool owners.

There are two types of suction cleaners

A rubber disc or skirt makes contact with the pool surface and is connected to the pool skimmer box. A hammer or a rubber diaphragm creates the movement. A non-mechanical suction cleaner is great but often gets stuck on the pool steps, chocked with leaves or not properly covering the pool.

Mechanical (Geared) Suction Cleaner
These cleaners also connect to the pool skimmer box, but the difference is that the gears allow the cleaner to make a series of turns in the pool. A mechanical cleaner uses wheels of tracks to move around the pool. They are not suitable if the pool has a lot of leaf litter, but these cleaners will solve the problem of poor coverage or pool cleaners getting stuck on walls and steps.   

Pressure Cleaners

Pools in a leafy area should use a Pressure Cleaner which will require a separate booster pump that forces water down the pressure line. The pressure line has a wall connection, allowing the cleaner to clip onto the wall fitting. As the water is pushed to the pool cleaner, the pool cleaner moves and jets in the pool cleaner lift debris off the pool’s floor and into a bag located on the back of the pool cleaner. These cleaners make looking after a pool much more manageable and operate two to three hours per day.

Whilst we make every effort to attend your pool at a time that suits you there are many factors that are beyond our control such as traffic, weather and unforeseen events or breakdowns while attending to other customers.