I think I might have a leak in my pool – what should I do?

If you suspect a leak turn off the system and use a pencil to mark water lines and monitor the water levels. A leak will either be losing the same amount of water all of the time or when the filter system is running. 

Six quick checks to perform if you think you have a pool leak

  1. Walk around the pool and look for wet soil, pavement, or eroded areas. 
  2. Check all plumbing, valves, pipes and joints for leaks.
  3. Check your water bill for an increase. 
  4. Check the waste or backwash line for water running all the time with the filter pump on. 
  5. If the pool is leaking all the time, looks for cracks in the tile line and inside the skimmer box. 
  6. Check the conduit that runs from the light to the junction box.