Do it yourself, or your hire the professionals – it’s up to you. We stock a range of equipment and quality pool cleaners in Cairns. From manual to robotic.

Good pool upkeep and regular pool maintenance are all part of being a pool owner. Keeping your pool in tip-top shape, water quality at optimum level and checking equipment regularly should all be part of the pool maintenance regime.

To make life easy, selecting a quality pool cleaner is as easy as calling into our shops in Manunda or Edmonton to select the pool cleaners for your pool.

Quality pool cleaners come in many shapes and sizes these days. Choose from a manual, suction, pressure or robotic cleaning system. The important thing to remember is that regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool is paramount to protecting your valuable asset.

We stock a wide range of quality pool cleaning tools, see our detailed list here and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who will help you choose which pool cleaners is best suited to your pool.

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