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Pool Renovations Cairns

If your pool is in need of a makeover, Allan’s Pool Shop is your pool renovation specialists.  We can manage your entire pool renovation from assessment and repairs to the existing pool surface, to resurfacing the pool and updating pool surroundings.


If your pool needs new lining, Allan’s Pool Shop can provide you with a quality replacement vinyl pool liner that will last the test of time. We have been using the top quality vinyl pool liners which come in a great range of colours and styles.

So why are you waiting, call Allan’s Pool Shop to get a quote.

Leak Repairs

Did you know that 50% of leaks are found inside the pool?

Did you know finding leaks is important not just to save water but to avoid damage caused if left undiscovered?

Pool leaks often go unnoticed but can result in big water bills and significant damage.  Put our experience to work to make sure your pool is ​​​​​​​leak–and waste-free.

If you have a pool leak, our Technician can save you time and money while preventing unnecessary property damage. Our state-of-the-art, non-invasive leak detection technology allows us to find and fix all kinds of concealed leaks, all while keeping damage to your property to a minimum.   A typical water leak left unattended will eventually wash away the surrounding soil, in many cases causing a cavity; any structure above the cavity will eventually subside.

Pool Painting

Concrete pools, fibre glass pools or pebble swimming pools – they can all be refurbished, painted and brought up-to-date. Contact Allan’s Pool Shop for a quote and he can provide a ball park estimate and arrange a site visit to discuss your swimming pool painting requirements.

New Lighting Installations

Thinking it may be time to upgrade and enhance your underwater pool lighting? Maybe, improve the lighting of your pool surround?

You may be surprised to see just how much, and how rapidly, pool lighting has evolved over the past few years. Thoughtful and technologically advanced pool illumination and lighting does far more than simply alert you when and where not to tread water; it completely changes the look, the feel, the ambiance of your pool, its surroundings, and your entire property.  Upgrading the existing lighting of your pool and retrofitting it with new lighting technology is neither as daunting nor as expensive as you might fear. In fact, transforming your old and starkly-lit pool is not only relatively simple, its energy efficiency will actually save you money over time.

New Heating Equipment Installation

Everyone loves swimming in a heated pool.   Helping to you extend your swim season or ensuring you can use your pool anytime is our goal.

With over 35 years’ experience in pool industry, our mission is to help you choose the right pool heating system for your pool.

Aquatight – The Saturn serious heat pump extracts ambient heat from the air transfers it into compressed heated refrigerant gas and the heat is used to warm pool even on cool days.  With a coefficient of Performance of 5.7 at an air temperature of 26 degree and over the Saturn heat pump is 20% more efficient than similar units.

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