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Regular Pool Service Maintenance Cairns

We offer a regular pool service to ensure the health of your swimming pool is always at its peak. We will regularly test water quality, and inspect your pool equipment to ensure it is in full working order. Regular pool maintenance is key to ensuring your investment is looked after, and that you stay on top of any water quality or equipment malfunction issues.  There’s never enough hours in the day to do everything you want, so having someone do regular pool service calls can give you for peace of mind that your pool is ready for you to use whenever you want.

The frequency of a regular service can depend on a number of things. One of them is the weather. In most circumstances a monthly service call is all you need, but in the tropical wet season the complexity of maintaining healthy water quality changes dramatically. What the skies dump into your pool might be considered “free” water, however your pH levels can change and your pool could go green. And in the heat of summer when there’s usually more people in the pool, more frequent servicing is needed.

If you are already on a monthly pool service roster, we recommend increasing to fortnightly during the wet season and summer, to ensure your pool and your equipment are all maintained in good working order. If you don’t have a regular service booked, give us a call to discuss your needs.

Our trained and qualified technicians ensure peace of mind and safe pool enjoyment from Palm Cove to Gordonvale. To find out more contact our Manunda or Edmonton pool shops.

Download our information sheet Fortnightly service maintenance.

Allan’s Pool Shop conducts

Weekly from


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6 monthly Pool Health Check Standard call out fee

Prices do not include chemicals and spare parts

On commencement of a regular pool service it is our responsibility and Duty of Care to bring your pool up to the required health standards. If your pool is in poor condition this may incur additional ON-SITE LABOUR charges.

Our technician will be happy to discuss this with you.

If you have a commercial pool or your pool requires special attention, we can tailor a service to meet your needs.

Whilst we make every effort to attend your pool at a time that suits you there are many factors that are beyond our control such as traffic, weather and unforeseen events or breakdowns while attending to other customers.

If you require a service at a specific time and day we advise you to arrange a SERVICE CALL.

Have an issue with your pool or looking to just make it run better? speak with Allan’s Pool Shop today, by contacting us or through phone on (07) 4051 9344.