Blackspot & Long-life Algicide Concentrate

From the quality Focus brand, the blackspot and long-life algicide is a dark blue liquid and ready to use.


Available in 1, 5 and 20 litre bottles, this product should be used for the control of black spot algae and general algae in swimming pools.

  • Regular use will help overcome problems caused by algae which increase chlorine demand.
  • Assists chlorinator cells to cope with increase in demand particularly during Summer.
  • Controls algae, bacteria and fungi in swimming pools and ornamental water.
  • Particularly effective on green, red, brown and black algae.
  • Does not interfere with filter operation.
  • May be used as a long term algicide or winteriser.
  • Algaestat properties help keep algae in a dormant stage.

We strongly advise the careful use of all chemical products. Read product labels carefully to ensure products and their ingredients are appropriate for your pool type. For more information discuss your needs with the Allan’s Pool Shop experts on 4051 9344 today.



Allan’s Pool Shop suppliers recommend careful use of all chemicals and if customer is in any doubt about suitability or proper use they should contact us immediately on 4051 9344.

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