Floc – Clarifying Flocculent (Focus)

Coagulates suspended solids, free running white powder that improves clarity in pool water.




When added to the swimming pool in the correct dogase, will cause the very small particles of unwanted matter to cluster together and settle to the pool floor. This procedure is known as flocculation. The waste is then carefully eliminated using a manual vacuum system.

Available in 2kg packs.

  • Coagulates for easy ‘manual’ vacuuming.
  • Suitable for all pool surfaces.
  • Especially effective on heavy duty debris.

(Do not use an automatic pool cleaner to vacuum the waste as this can disturb the precipitation and cause the water to cloud.)



Allan’s Pool Shop suppliers recommend careful use of all chemicals and if customer is in any doubt about suitability or proper use they should contact us immediately on 4051 9344.

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