Kreepy Krauly K-BOT RX 2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

K-BOT 2 is ideal for most surfaced pools up to 18M. Ultra grips can be added for tiled and fibreglass pools. Cleans the pool within a 2.5 hour cycle.





  • Ideal for any surfaced pools.
  • 18M water resistant cable (not hose).
  • Cleans the pool within a 3 hour cycle.
  • K-BOT series has an anti-tangle device meaning the cable won’t tangle.
  • For this model it needs a minimum width of 3M
  • Scans the pools floor surface to know where to go.
  • Unlike the suction cleaners, the K-BOT robotic models have a filter bag.

What is the differences between the K-BOT 1 and K-BOT 2?

  • K-BOT 1 is only floor cleaner while K-BOT 2 cleans floor and walls.

What is the differences between the K-BOT 2 and K-BOT 3?

  • K-BOT 3 has two motors giving the ability to clean 360°
  • K-BOT 3 has remote control.
  • K-BOT 3 has option to choose between 1.5/2.5/3.5 hour clean cycles.
  • K-BOT 3 is ideal for pool narrower than 3m width.




3 Year Manufacturers Warranty from Factory plus 2 year additional warranty when you buy from Allan’s Pool Shop.