Kreepy Krauly Klever Kleener Suction Pool Cleaner

Kreepy Krauly Klever Kleener is a suction pool cleaner ideal for fibreglass and tiled pools. Company, inexpensive to run and does not have a diaphragm.




  • Created for fibreglass and tiled pools.
  • It does clean floor and walls.
  • The cleaner itself is smaller and more compact than the VTX cleaners.
  • Cleans when your susten is running, essentially doesn’t cost to run.
  • No need to adjust suction levels if it is single speed pumps.
  • Australian made.
  • Will need to increase the low speed on a multi-speed pump.
  • No diaphragm.
  • Doesn’t get stuck in corners.
  • It is a suction cleaner like the Kreepy Krauly VTX3 and VTX 7.


What is the difference between the SPRINTA PLUS and the Klever Kleena?

  • Sprinta Plus designed for odd shaped pools, but can be used in normal shaped pools.
  • Sprinta Plus can be used in all surfaced pools while Klever Kleena is ideal for fibreglass and tiled pools.


2 year manufacturers warranty and 2 years extended warranty from Allan’s Pool Shop.

All Kreepy Krauly pool cleaning systems are made in Australia to withstand harsh Australian conditions. They are manufactured from top quality materials that are UV, salt and chemical resistant. Being an Australian company, we offer local after sales service, maintenance and parts.

For any troubleshooting with your product, simply contact your local pool shop for assistance.

You will extend the life of your product by using genuine Kreepy Krauly parts and chlorinating your pool correctly.