Kreepy Krauly Saturn SX-2 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Ideal for any surfaced pools this unit is lighter than the RX Series cleaners and has a cleaning cycle of 2 hours. Comes with a 15m cable, cleans pool floor and wall surfaces.








  • Ideal for any surfaced pools.
  • It is lighter than RX series.
  • Has a cleaning cycle of 2 hours.
  • This SX model cleans the wall and floor.
  • This model has a 15 cable.
  • When Dry this cleaner only weighs 6.3kg.

What is the differences between the K-BOT 2 and SX-2?

  • K-BOT 2 has extra 12 month warranty.
  • K-BOT 2 has extra 3m cable.
  • K-BOT 2 has Anti-tangle device.
  • K-BOT 2 has its own trolley.
  • K-BOT 2 is a larger unit – collects more debris.




2 years manufacturers warranty plus 2 years extended warranty via Allan’s Pool Shop purchase.