Kreepy Krauly Saturn SX-3 Robotic Pool Cleaners

This model of Kreepy Krauly Robotic Pool Cleaner has it’s own trolley so it’s easy to move around your pool area.


Cleans walls and floor, has a control app which can be used on your smart devices.


Comes with a 15m cable. If skimmer is in the middle essentially up to 30m long.











  • Ideal for any surfaced pools.
  • It is lighter than RX series.
  • Has a cleaning cycle of 2 hours.
  • This SX model cleans the wall and floor.
  • This model has an 18 cable.
  • You can control this machine with an app on your phone.
  • This model has its own trolley so you can cart it to and from the pool area.


What are the differences between the SX-3 and K-BOT 3?

  • SX-3 is lighter in weight.
  • SX-3 is controlled via phone app.
  • Sx-3 has a week pre-set schedule.

What are the differences between K-BOT 3 and SX-3?

  • Twin motor giving the ability to clean 360◦






2 years manufacturers warranty plus 2 years extended warranty via Allan’s Pool Shop purchase.