Miraclear Pool Algaecide (Lochlor)

Eradicates blue/green and black algae. Can be used in all pools, fountains and ponds. Available in 1L bottles.





This highly concentrated formulation is a uniquely formulated metal free, heavy duty algaecide with a built in clarifier and is regarded as the most effective algaecide to fight a green pool.

  • 100% Australian only formulation
  • Known as an Oxiraine
  • Long chain polymer gives longer lasting algaecide properties
  • Inexpensive and very effective
  • Compatible with ALL sanitisers, surfaces and chemicals
  • Will not affect water balance or bathers
  • Ideal for ornamental ponds and fountains.

Miraclear Algaecide does not contain any trace metals. It is therefore ideal for Ionised pools and Nature 2 pools and spas. It is non foaming and non staining so is an ideal algaecide for fountains and ornamental ponds. Ideal for salt pools and pools with high combined chlorine levels.


Allan’s Pool Shop recommend the proper and careful use of all pool chemicals. Consult our team of experts to ensure you are using the right product for your pool. Always read instructions carefully.