Pool Heat Pump

Swim in a heated pool all year round with an Aquatight Saturn Series pool heat pump. Easy installation, remarkably efficient and up to 80% less to operate than gas or electric pool heating.


The Saturn Heat Pump extracts ambient heat from the air, transfers it into compressed heated refrigerant gas and the heat is used to warm your pool even on cool days.

  • Quality, Reliability and Durability
  • Strong corrosion free ABS plastic casing
  • Inbuilt automatic 4 way defrost valve
  • Silver welding ensures high integrity of the gas piping system
  • Amazing energy saving – 1Kw input produces 5.7Kw of heating
  • Ideal for salt water pools

The information provided is valid under ideal conditions with the pool covered with an isothermal cover.


10 year heat exchanger warranty, 3 year on whole unit. See instore for details.

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