Smart Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Swim in a heated pool all year round and save on your energy bills with an Aquatight Smart Inveter Pool Heat Pump.


The Saturn Smart Inverter is the latest pool heat pump technology powered by a smart inverter compressor and fan motor. It can adjust heat capacity from 25% to 100% intelligently and automatically according to different heating demands.

Saturn Smart Inverter highest COP is 12 at Air 26°C/Water 26°C/Humidity 80%, which means 1kW of electricity consumption can provide you up to 12kW heat in return. Standard on/off heat pumps can only provide around 5kW of heat as it can only deliver a much lower COP.


Plus much more. Download the brochure or contact the team at Allan’s for information. 


2 years parts warranty. 10 years heat exchanger warranty. Contact us for more warranty details.

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