Top ten tips for create a water and energy-efficient pool or spa

The climate plays a huge part in creating a water and energy-efficient swimming pool or spa. However, here ten tips that can help.

  • Install a pool cover to reduce evaporation the need for filtering. 
  • Regularly check the plumbing around the valves and pipes joiners for leaks, especially in older pools.
  • Discourage excessive splashing and diving.
  • Keep pools adequately filtered and chemically balanced.
  • Regularly clean the pool, skimmer box and other collections points.
  • Ensure the water level is only halfway up the skimmer box. 
  • Keep animals out of the pool. 
  • Ensure pool equipment is working correctly. 
  • Change to energy-efficient lighting options such as LEDs.
  • Upgrade and equip the pool with an energy-efficient pool pump, filtration and cleaning system.