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Vinyl Pool Liner Installation & Repairs

Allans Pool Shop are the experts in Vinyl Pool Liner Installation, Repairs and Replacements in all suburbs of Cairns and surrounds.

Pool Liner Installation and Repairs

Whether your pool liner has cracked, faded or split from many years use, or maybe it has lost its elasticity and is now showing stretch marks and pulls, Allans Pool Shop has the expertise to replace your old liner with a brand new liner – bring your pool back to life!

Our normal process is as follows:

  1. Drain your pool water.
  2. Remove and dispose of your existing pool liner.
  3. Identify and repair any rust found on the structure of your pool such as on steel walls, copings and posts.
  4. Stabilise and re-level the sandy floor foundation of your pool.
  5. Install your new quality vinyl pool liner.
  6. Vacuum seal your new vinyl pool liner for a guaranteed wrinkle free finish.
  7. Refill your pool water and rebalance the waters chemistry.