Why should use a pool cover

A pool cover can help extend swimming by keeping the water warner and preventing water and energy loss through evaporation. If you have a heated pool, a cover can save you up to 40-50 per cent on energy costs.

The benefits 

The number one reason a pool cover is recommended is to reduce evaporation. The right pool cover can reduce evaporation by more than 97%. Pool covers also have the ability to heat your pool with solar energy by allowing the sun to pass through the pool blanket and heat the water below. A pool cover will cut down on the expense of running a heater, and the heat loss will be less, which makes pool heating more efficient.

  • Reduce evaporation: an average pool can lose up to 5mm of water every day due to evaporation. A pool cover can reduce evaporation up to 95 per cent.
  • Improve water cleanliness: up to 90 per cent of debris, dirt, leaves, and insects can be kept out of the pool with a well-fitted pool cover, improving the pool water quality and reducing the load on the cleaning system.
  • Reduce the total cost of pool chemicals: a correctly fitted pool cover may reduce the amount of pool chlorine lost to the sun’s UV rays and decrease the required amount of stabiliser.
  • Extend the swimming season: cover increases pool temperature by around six to eight degrees Celsius in pools that receive sunlight.

Popular types of covers for pools in the tropics

What is the best type of pool for the tropical climate? Maybe focus more on the benefits of keep the pool clean compared to keeping the pool warm.