By far the best, most economical and effective way to look after a swimming pool during winter, when it is invariably not being used, is simply to adopt a “Winterising Program” that will keep the water “free of algae” as well as “cutting down overall costs”.

“Caring for and protecting” a pool correctly through the winter months will prevent it from becoming a green mess that is full of algae and not fit to swim in when the weather warms up again. We suggest that you recommend your customers to use a combination of the Lo-Chlor products below which will enable them to give their pools “the ultimate winter treatment”. Their pool will get “triple protection” all winter long and reduce “time, effort and cost” when it is swimming weather again.


In Queensland, where the weather is invariably more favourable in winter than in most other parts of the country, we have found that pool owners often prefer to continue using Lo-Chlor Pool Algaecide during winter, as well as the other seasons of the year, to help them extend their swimming season.

Winteriser Algaecide

Lo-Chlor Pool Algaecide


Starver X

Starver M

Aquaguard CSM

Winter is also a good time to recommend a variety of other products for periodical use for both “equipment care” and “pool maintenance”. Here are a few:



Instant Filter Cleaner

Solar Shield




Filter Aid & Metal Remover

Chlorine Remover

Hydra Slip Lubricant

Stain & Scale Defence

Chlorine Remover

There are many other things that you can recommend that your customers do in winter and “removing unsightly stains” is a perfect example.

Winter is the ideal time to attempt to remove stains as the pool is not being used and the fact that you must deplete the pool of chlorine to obtain the ultimate success with our stain removers. Doing so in winter will not inconvenience the pool owner to the degree that it would in summer.

We have a full range of Stain Removers and Companion Products to suit virtually every conceivable type of staining. They are by far the most economical method of removing stains and, in many instances, will save the pool owner the expense of an Acid Wash.

Iron Stain Remover


Iron Stain Remover

Multi Stain Remover

Salt Stain Remover


CU Later

Stain & Scale Attack


There are so many things that can be accomplished in winter, but the first step is always the one where you plan in advance:
1. The various ways you are going to recommend your customers care for their pools in winter
2. The products they are going to need to do so economically and efficiently

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